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English Introduction

Taitung County’s Degau Nationality Elementary School is located in the town of Guanshan. At the junction of Haiduan township and Chishang Township, finding its home in the East Rift valley between the coastal and inner mountain ranges, Degau was previously known as Dagufan. In Taiwan’s thirty ninth year Degau elementary school was founded with the name Guanshan’s Degau campus. In the August of Taiwan’s forty third year it was renamed as Degau Nationality Elementary School, and has been known as such for more than sixty years. In order to reach the school’s neighborhood conveniently, travel north on highway 9 until you arrive to kilometer 330 and turn right. Continue 300 meters and then you will reach campus. Be welcomed by the community as you approach a picturesque red-roofed elementary school amongst waving green rice paddies.





Degau Nationality Elementary School is unique in many ways. For a long time the school has focused on the promoting and respecting the Amis and Hakka cultural groups, fostering respect and cultural exchange within a community learning environment. Most of the students’ families are farmers, working to cultivate rice and preserve their cultural customs. Also, students possess outstanding athletic and artistic ability.





Our students practice physical fitness and the arts through a variety of courses and have a strong motivation to learn new skills through activities. These activities include basketball, track and field, running, theater, singing, dancing and folk humming, all in which students eagerly participate. The local neighborhood also provides a rich supply of cultural learning resources, providing both Hakka traditional rice foods and traditional percussion instruments. Additionally, through Amis dance and singing classes tribal culture is shared, allowing predecessors to continue passing down their wisdom.





Degau’s multicultural community is the greatest source of growth and wealth for the future of our students. Also the transformation of Degau’s teaching team has allowed for traditional wisdom and culture to enter the classroom. Through cultural education and responsive teaching, students will be brought together to build their own local cultural values, in addition to their individual positive attitudes and a self-confidence that will last throughout their lives.





The campus was built using locally-sourced natural stone according to the lands natural terrain, placing the sports fields, activity center and classrooms to conform with the area’s original landscape. One of the main natural characteristics of the school are the trees the school’s founders planted. On the campus there are forty mango trees, each forty years old, that bear fruit when summer arrives. Because of this, Degau Nationality Elementary School is truly a warm environment and special place.





Due to the concerted efforts of Degau’s previous principals and staff members, the school has developed a positive relationship with the community and a sense of local pride. Degau hopes that in the future the school will maintain its vision of being an environment that fosters diversification, respect, diligence and responsibility. These traits will cultivate a sense of innovation, a positive learning mindset, a caring and respectful heart and an enthusiastic willingness to lead in Degau’s students. Achieving these ideals, we can mutually create a better future.